November 2018 Fair Program


Guests were given the opportunity to discover and buy artwork directly from future stars of the art world in a curated showcase of 130 of the best emerging artists, all handpicked by a Selection Committee of art world experts. With thousands of original artworks on offer and pieces starting from just $150, The Other Art Fair is the perfect place to grow ones art collection. 

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Free Arts NYC provides underserved children with a unique combination of educational arts and mentoring programs that help them to foster the self-confidence and resiliency needed to realize their fullest potential.

The Other Art Fair is proud to partner with Free Arts NYC in support of such a worthy cause. All ticket proceeds from the Fair's Thursday Private View evening were donated to Free Arts NYC. 

For more infomation on Free Arts NYC or to make a donation please click here.


Limited edition prints were available for purchase, exclusive to the fair, by acclaimed Brooklyn artist Mike Perry. Proceeds benefit our Charity Partner, Free Arts NYC, whose mission is to empower underserved youth through art and mentoring programs to develop their creativity, confidence and skills to succeed. 

'Lets Get Together'
Mike Perry
24 x 30"
edition of 200
6 Color Silk Screen


Mike Perry makes paintings, animation, sculptures, books, public art installations, monographs, exhibitions, drawings, silkscreens, and more. His creative purpose is to conjure that feeling of soul-soaring wonder you have when you stare into distant galaxies on a dark night, when you go on long journeys into the imagination, when you ponder what it is that this life is all about. In so doing, he celebrates form: of the human body, of shapes and lines that coalesce into lyrical masses, of the vastness of the cosmos and the questions it calls us to. In Mike’s patterns, portraits, and dreamscapes, there are layers upon layers of meaning, some erased, some covering, some asking you to look deeper, some no longer there but still vibrating with a story that sought not to be forgotten. His use of color, pattern, and form, at times child-like, expresses a joyful spirit and a reverence for the bliss that is inherent in the human experience. He is continually exercising his faith in the transformative power of making things. His work can be considered love notes to the abstract, unknowable future that is all possibility in the present. He invites you to join him on this curious journey to discover more of the unknown.

Mike’s work has been exhibited across the globe in countries such as Germany, Australia, China, Singapore, and Holland with solo shows featured in London - “The Landscape Between Time & Space” 2008, Tokyo - “We are the Infinity of Each Other” 2011, NY - “Wandering Around Wondering” 2012, and most recently “Intoxicating Pollen Wiggling in a Moist Journey of Constantly Blooming Tides” at Garis & Hahn’s new Los Angeles location in the fall of 2017. He is the curator of the ongoing series “#GetNudeGetDrawn” which just had its sixth installment in the spring of 2018. His foray into the world of animation has been highlighted by his continued work on Comedy Central’s Broad City which resulted in the Television Academy awarded Mike Perry Studio the 2018 Emmy winner of their Motion Design Jury Award for the “Mushrooms” Episode. To round out his creative canon one can throw in a dozen art & design books in print along with a stint of illustrations for Playboy magazine. When Mike is not sharing his knowledge at the likes of Parsons at the New School, Adobe’s 99U conference, or an 8th grade art class at the World School, he is drinking coffee and painting in his Brooklyn based studio under the watchful gaze of Bass the dog.


The Sketchbook Project is an independent Brooklyn-based company that organizes global, collaborative art projects. Our flagship endeavor is The Sketchbook Project, a crowd-sourced library that features 36,347 artists' books contributed by creative people from 135+ countries. Brooklyn Art Library is our storefront exhibition space in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY where The Sketchbook Project collection is on view to the public.


Another proud partnership of our, The Illustration Corner, Presented by Moleskine, a brand new interactive project space presented by Moleskine.

Each day an ‘illustrator-in-residence’ was featured, who gave visitors the opportunity to get involved with their unique drop in, workshop-style illustration projects. Here’s who’s ‘in residence’…

Thursday, Nov 8: Ludmila Leiva

Ludi creadted custom illustrated bookmarks for The Other Art Fair attendees. Using ink and simple lines, the artist created a personalized design on each bookmark for attendees to utilize while reading their next paperback.

Friday, Nov 9: Adriana Picker

Adriana illustrated 1-minute botanical sketches from memory, botanical references and used inspiration from the guests themselves!

Saturday, Nov 10: Sara Boccaccini Meadows

Sara painted miniature botanical portraits inspired by foliage she saw on a recent art residency in Hawaii. Guests brought their favorite flower for a personalized floral portrait to take home.

Sunday, Nov 11: Maggie Cole

Minnesota based Maggie is a lover of nostalgia and inspired by emotions. Her 1-minute free portraits focused on pose and expression.


Mexico’s No. 1 premium tequila was founded by Julio González who started his journey in 1942. Those who know sip Tequila Don Julio responsibly in a Paloma or on the rocks. Salud!


Quoted Magazine created a welcoming picnic area adorned a turf carpet and faux vines. They also provided wooden picnic baskets containing the magazines for guests to look through. Quoted also invited guests to write their own love letter to New York to “send” out in the Quoted mailbox. Artist Chris Pyrate produced a painting live in their space as a celebrate New York’s creative energy. The new issue was also available for purchase at the booth.

Quoted is a contemporary city magazine, available digitally and in print to affluent NYC visitors and influential locals. Every issue of Quoted intimately profiles 10 New Yorkers in their homes. Through unedited narratives, photographs, video content and recommendations, Quoted invites the reader backstage to experience the real New York. Quoted is not only a magazine that gives readers New Yorker insights. It is also a means by which to contribute to tolerance, acceptance and respect for the beautiful diversity the city represents.

Chris Pyrate is a muralist and graphic illustrator who utilizes his ability to formulate sentiments into images, to intimately connect with his audiences leaving them intrigued and inspired. Pyrate’s hyper-detailed, stylized approach to linework, recalls that of comic book artists Moebius and Frank Quitely.  From illustrating a novel for Grammy-Award winning artist Lupe Fiasco, to artistically paying homage to Junior Guzman-Feliz with his "Stand With Junior Mural" this past June, Pyrate has garnered critical acclaim and disrupted the market with his rawness and iconic, pastel laden. Pirates designs have also evolved into apparel now available for purchase.


The Others Live program presents a variety of DJ sets and music performances, curated by Theodore Jahng, to kick off the weekend.

Thursday, November 8
6pm - Theodore Jahng 

Friday, November 9
6pm - Rahill Jamalifard
8pm - Ashlyn Bernhardt  

Saturday, November 10
6pm - Vicki Vibe 
7.30pm - Masha-Maria Koblyakova

Theodore Jahng is music curator for The Other Art Fair Brooklyn. Jahng is a music supervisor, programmer, and disc jockey based in New York City whose interests intersect at the crossroads of music, design, and food. He co-hosts a monthly Sunday show called Playhouse at The Lot Radio in Greenpoint. Theodore currently spends much of his time as the general manager of The Metrograph in the Lower East Side; naturally, he manages the music there, too.


Saatchi Art, the world's leading online gallery, offers a unique space to take a breather and experience an exciting line-up of inspiring programming, including a speaker series  and site specific artist installations.

Saatchi Art's expert curators are available to meet with in the Lounge for both visitor art advisory advice and artist 'meet and greets'.


Brooklyn based Rosa 'Bluestone Babe' Perr returned to The Other Art Fair Brooklyn this November tattooing her beautiful and unique designs onto visitors on a first come, first serve basis. 

Rosa Bluestone Perr is a Brooklyn based New York state licensed tattoo artist born and bred in NYC. All tattoos are handpoked and one of a kind. Rosa is a New York City native raised by artists, teachers, and activists. Bluestone, Rosa’s mother’s last name, is an ode to her maternal family and the feminism her mother instilled in her from a young age. Rosa loves sharing the intimate tattoo experience with clients, in particular the joy and confidence new ink can bring. Rosa has been painting since she was a tot, and the transition from paintbrush to a needle in recent years felt natural. She has fallen in love with the art of handpoke tattoos and evokes a less-is-more aesthetic. When not tattooing, you can find Rosa at or dreaming about the beach.  


Guests were able to enjoy a fresh menu from New York's beloved French-American restaurant Maman, serving both delicious food and coffee every day of the fair. 

Maman opened its doors in Soho in October 2014. Quickly embraced by New York locals and international visitors, the café, restaurant & event space has flourished with multiple locations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, & Toronto. Maman (mother in french) is a melding of the founding partners – benjamin sormonte and elisa marshall - fondest childhood memories in the kitchen – especially recipes from their mothers – combined with their mutual passion for delivering quality food and a flawless experience within an artful and warm setting. 


A series of engaging talks by industry experts hosted by The Other Art Fair Fair's Presenting Partner and the world's leading online gallery Saatchi Art.

Friday, November 9

Women in Illustration
Presented by The Sketchbook Project

Emily Morin, Assistant Director (Moderator)
Fiona Chinkan, Artist
Hannah Sarfraz, Artist
Alba Páramo, Artist

Saturday, November 10

Investing in Art Under $1,000

Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator & VP, Art Advisory Saatchi Art

Quoted and Chris Pyrate on Spreading Love through Creative Expression
Presented by Quoted Magazine

Rolf Arne Leer, Founder & Editor in Chief, Quoted Magazine (moderator)
Chris Pyrate, Artist

Sunday, November 11

Fair Director in Conversation with...

Sophie Lucas, Fair Director (moderator)
Gerry Buxton, Artist
Jo Hummel, Artist
Rod McIntosh, Artist


Saatchi Art’s Chief Curator Rebecca Wilson and Curators Victoria Kennedy and Jessica McQueen, presented guided tours exploring the many opportunities to invest in original, limited edition artworks up to $1,000 with the potential to rise in value. 

Friday, November 9


Saturday, November 10


Sunday, November 11



WHATS YOUR ADDRESS’ explores how masculinity is represented, observed, internalized, then actualized. Grainy cell phone pictures of isolated male eyes presented in a physically imposing grid creates an inquisition of identity. The tension of both seeing and being seen while glowing neon charges the space in saturated color that feels vivid and urgent.

Joey Knox is a mixed media artist living in Chicago. Through a Queer perspective, his work asks for an examination of self and messaging that surrounds us.  Combining elements of Pop Art with subversive nods to Street Art, he creates work that rebels against dreams and ideas that are limiting.


In the series “Two Hour Portraits” Carl Grauer paints subjects with a time constraint of two hours.  More than a practice in painting, this series is a ritual involving the mutual gaze in a set window of time. It is an ongoing portrait of a group of friends and acquaintances with whom he has interacted; thus, as much as this project portrays a group of people, it is also a portrait of Carl.  The “Two Hour Portraits” series began in 2012 and continues to inspire him because of this element of time. It also provides a way to see the progression of his abilities as a painter as he becomes more comfortable working for just two hours.

Carl Grauer was born in Kansas, the youngest of four children from a conservative family. He had a strong aptitude for art at a young age, but had limited exposure to the arts in his small, rural community of 700 people. Grauer received a BA in Biology from the University of Kansas and an MFA in Medical and Biological Illustration from the University of Michigan. He eventually moved to New York City, where he found solace in the abundance of arts and culture there. Upon the sudden death of his brother in 2012, Grauer committed his life to the pursuit of his passion for portraiture and art making. He spent two years in London studying figurative and portrait painting and garnered success internationally, including being shortlisted for the 2015 Wells Art Contemporary Award in the UK and exhibiting with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters in London.


For a featured artist project at The Other Art Fair, Adam Wilson has created two large-scale installations --- "Fourth Study For A New American Flag" and "Just Who Has The Illness Of The Mind".  Visually, the related works reference several post-conceptual traditions.  Substantively, they explore and investigate not only the issues they expressly address, but also norms in intersectionality, art as activism, and the distinction between appropriation, on the one hand, and amplification, on the other, regarding voices in society that have been, and remain, ignored and discounted.  Finally, as to execution, the works reference LeWitt, conceptualism, and New Genres performance art:  They will be installed pursuant to LeWitt-like "instructions" created by Wilson, who will then be present, for the entirety of the Fair, interacting with viewers in an extended performance work that will further amplify the installations.

Adam Wilson's work addresses power, norms, identity, and law.  He makes large-scale text paintings, installations, drawings, video, and performance art.  Self-taught, his art comes from his bipolar.  From his Artist Statement:  "I make what comes to my mind. It comes fast, in natural half-manic highs. I work hard to learn fast, my voice is becoming mine, I get glimpses of where it could go."  He is influenced by Wool, Kruger, Holzer, Ruscha, Baldessari, Abramović, Hsieh, and more.  He is also influenced by legal norms as a Stanford lawyer who continues to practice art law.  His art began in 2014; his first public showing was at The Other Art Fair in 2017; and, since then, his works have been acquired by private and corporate collections internationally.


"The Attest you are human" series looks for the humorous, profound and ironic at the point in human evolution where we have to confirm our humanity to machines.

"Attest you are human (roll for humanity)" is a work of performance art 'gamification'  made especially by artist, David Aston, for The Other Art Fair Brooklyn.

Visitors to the The Other Art Fair Brooklyn were given the opportunity to roll for humanity. The first 50 visitors who completed the online attestation, reCAPTCHA and successfully roll 6 humans with 3 rolls of the dice won a work of art.

David Aston is a British artist (b. 1975, Edinburgh) based in London. David secured his BA from Bath Spa University and interned with Bonhams as a fine art auctioneer.

David's art practice is inspired by his studies of history and the art market. His work explores dimensions of time and the concept of 'diachronic', which observes how culture and language evolves through time.

David's recent works act as markers for our transition from material past to technology and data fuelled future. They highlight the profound and sometimes humorous duality of our past, present and future and question our humanity and culture at a time of unprecedented change.

These multimedia works observe our transition to an age where we need to attest our humanity to machines, proclaim our rights to data, question our collective cultural legacy through acts of digital archeology, and explore future digital possibilities through hashtag muses.

David's work is in UK and American collections and has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Other Art Fair and national exhibitions.


Younger visitors can unleash their artistic flair and explore the Fair with The Little Art Pages creative children's newspaper. 

Children under 16-years enjoy complimentary entry to the Fair and must be accompanied by an adult.