Friday Late Curated by Secret Project Robot

Come and enjoy art's best Friday night in Brooklyn, Nov 8th from 6pm to 10pm.

We are so excited to be working with Brooklyn art space / bar, Secret Project Robot for our Friday Late this Fall. With so much incredible free content, The Other Art Fair is the only place you need to start your weekend the Other way.


Secret Project Robot is pleased to present an eclectic evening of the whimsical for the Friday Night Programming at The Other Art Fair…

Included will be a surrealists puppet show by brooklyn based Tomi Tait and his theater, Rainbow of Wounded Insects, Alex Patrick Dyck will recite romantic poetry on abstraction, nature and wisdom and a crew from Bio-Glitz will lead a languid colorful parade of guilded and tinted glitter covered bodies walking softly through the art fair to remind us of our interconnectivity. 


Providing the soundtrack to the Friday Late, Secret Project Robot presents an eclectic music program of DJs inspired by New York's vibrant and diverse culture all weekend.

Friday, November 8

6 to 10pm DJ Adrian Diaz aka StrawberryChola


8pm Poet Alex Patrick Dyck

8:30pm Tomi Tait

9:00pm Bio-glitz fashion parade

Tomi Tait is a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist. His work covers a range of mediums working with painting, sound, sculpture, writing, and puppetry. In 2019 he founded the Rainbow of Wounded Insects Theater (RWI): an ever-expanding puppet play that explores the intersections of ontology, psychoanalysis, and religion.

Alex Patrick Dyck is a multimedia poet and splosh artist; a romantic hoarder of sentimental trash and trampled roses, an altar builder, and a memory gatherer. They explore their own vulnerability in an attempt to preserve the inherent fragility of natural objects as they encounter resin, metal, and bodily fluids. The incorporation of obscured and disjointed text is used as a way to both establish intimacy with the viewer as well as to remind us that understanding and language are not identic. The works are constantly decaying and changing in texture and color, a grotesque reminder of our own mortality.

BioGlitz unique biodegradable glitter and fashion line and formula that connects us all through shine and respect for nature. We believe environmental consciousness drives self-decor! Our mission is to knock down boundaries, preconceived notions of normality, and fuel acceptance with a dash of color.

For their installation Secret Project Robot will install a black light magic lantern lounge in the heart of the fair, entitled Traveling through Dimensional Rift in the Mystic Jungle.  It will be a psychedelic forrest enclosed in a capsule, where visitors will be immersed in future light created by a past sun, the installation will have paintings, and installation features that deliver a totally dissociative effect, creating a realm, where we can all meet on the astral plane.

Rachel Nelson is an artist, curator and political economist from Brooklyn. She co-founded Secret Project Robot, an artist run art space, with Erik Zajaceskowski, in 2004. Rachel went to graduate school, studying international political economy and wrote her thesis on the relationship between the rise of regulatory capture within tax systems and the rise of oligarchs. She is interested in the ways in which human relationships can mitigate the effects of unbridled capitalism on a community. She is currently working on the latest iteration of Secret Project Robot, which is collaboration between artists and friends to create a sustainable art space, she is also owner of Happyfun Hideaway and Flowers For All Occasions. She also likes to paint really big flower paintings, neon plaid and food on found pieces of cardboard...