November 2019 Fair Program


Guests are given the opportunity to discover and buy artwork directly from future stars of the art world in a curated showcase of 130 of the best emerging artists, all handpicked by a Selection Committee of art world experts. With thousands of original artworks on offer and pieces starting from just $150, The Other Art Fair is the perfect place to grow ones art collection. 


Leading a global mission to 'stir creativity,' BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Gin is thrilled to announce its US partnership with The Other Art Fair. 

As part of the greater #FindYourCanvas movement created by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, the pair joins forces in a shared pursuit to inspire and enable creative self-expression.

Look forward to interactive creativity workshops, immersive installations, collaborative public art projects, murals and complimentary Bombay cocktails served all weekend courtesy of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE’s expert mixologists. 

#FindYourCanvas #StirCreativity #BombaySapphire




In 2011, artists Mike Perry and Josh Cochran posted to social media and Craigslist seeking volunteers to pose in the nude for a marathon, two-day drawing session. The concept: to celebrate the nude by enlisting non-professional models and by using social media to build contemporary literacy in the timeless genre. The logistics: over the course of two days, each person would pose for a half hour, and Mike and Josh would create as many portraits as they could. At the end of the event, they would display and sell the drawings at a pop-up exhibition. They called the project “Get Nude Get Drawn.” Since 2011, Mike and Josh have continued organizing the event, gathering a talented roster of participating artists and over 200 models. 

Join Mike Perry, Josh Cochran and 8 other reputable artists this November in posing nude and getting drawn. It's free to sign up and you even get to take home 1 sketch from each artist.  The additional sketches will be displayed as part of the exhibition and sold for $20 each. 

Participating artists include: Mike Perry, Josh Cochran, Amber Vittoria, Andy Friedman, Ellen Kahn, Dadu Shin, Na Kim, Taylor McKimens, Jillian Evelyn and Kaye Blegvag. 



8pm: Poet Alex Patrick Dyck
8:30pm: Tomi Tait
9pm: Bio-glitz fashion parade
Dj Adrian Diaz Strawberry Chola


DJ Adrian Diaz aka Strawberry Chola

Secret Project Robot is pleased to present an eclectic evening of the whimsical for the Friday Night Programming at The Other Art Fair…
Included will be a surrealists puppet show by brooklyn based Tomi Tait and his theater, Rainbow of Wounded Insects, Alex Patrick Dyck will recite romantic poetry on abstraction, nature and wisdom and a crew from Bio-Glitz will lead a languid colorful parade of guilded and tinted glitter covered bodies walking softly through the art fair to remind us of our interconnectivity. 
For their installation Secret Project Robot will install a black light magic lantern lounge in the heart of the fair, entitled Traveling through Dimensional Rift in the Mystic Jungle.  It will be a psychedelic forrest enclosed in a capsule, where visitors will be immersed in future light created by a past sun, the installation will have paintings, and installation features that deliver a totally dissociative effect, creating a realm, where we can all meet on the astral plane.

Alex Patrick Dyck
Alex Patrick Dyck is a multimedia poet and splosh artist; a romantic hoarder of sentimental trash and trampled roses, an altar builder, and a memory gatherer. They explore their own vulnerability in an attempt to preserve the inherent fragility of natural objects as they encounter resin, metal, and bodily fluids. The incorporation of obscured and disjointed text is used as a way to both establish intimacy with the viewer as well as to remind us that understanding and language are not identic. The works are constantly decaying and changing in texture and color, a grotesque reminder of our own mortality.

Tomi Tait 
Tomi Tait is a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist. His work covers a range of mediums working with painting, sound, sculpture, writing, and puppetry. In 2019 he founded the Rainbow of Wounded Insects Theater (RWI): an ever-expanding puppet play that explores the intersections of ontology, psychoanalysis, and religion.

BioGlitz unique biodegradable glitter and fashion line and formula that connects us all through shine and respect for nature. We believe environmental consciousness drives self-decor! Our mission is to knock down boundaries, preconceived notions of normality, and fuel acceptance with a dash of color.



The Moving Booth Presented by GIPHY Arts, featuring artists and works with motion in mind.

GIPHY Arts expands the prominence of the GIF as an artistic medium and format by directly engaging and commissioning artists, creating new distribution possibilities, and pioneering new technology. 

Nicole Cabalquinto

Nicole Cabalquinto is a Filipino American queer female artist and currently an NYU ITP grad student. She incorporates lighting, physical computing, fabrication, and creative coding in her interactive projects.

Milton Melvin Croissant III

Milton Melvin Croissant III is an Artist and Animator based in Brooklyn who works primarily in open source 3D modeling software to build and explore worlds layered against our own. 

Shira Inbar 

Shira Inbar is an independent graphic designer, educator, and art director with an edge of motion graphics. She is a founding member of Little Cinema, and currently teaches motion graphics at Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Sazan Pasori

Sazan Pasori (aka #sazanimation) is a Missy Elliott fan and motion designer whose art is inspired by retro-futurism, glamour, and the internet.

Joe Winograd

Joe Winograd (b. 1990, Atlanta GA) is a multimedia performance artist and creator of cosmic light based in Providence, RI. He received his MFA in Digital+Media at RISD in 2018.


Gowanus Print Lab will be hosting a free program of printing workshops via their brand new mobile print lab at the fair. GPL is an artist run open-studio style, screen printing shop aiming to foster community and education.

Thursday, 11/7 ; Live Print Times: 6pm-7pm, 8pm-10pm
Works on Paper Table: Artist designed stickers
Artist: Marta Murray

Friday, 11/8 ; Live Print Times: 3pm-4pm, 5pm-6pm, 7pm-8pm, 9pm-10pm
Works on Paper Table: TOAF Bingo Cards
Artist: Todd Allen Rutledge (

Saturday, 11/9 ; Live Print Times: 11am-12pm, 1pm-2pm, 3pm-4pm, 5pm-7pm
Works on Paper Table: Artist designed postcards
Artist: Julia Depinto (@juliadepintoart)

Sunday, 11/10 ; Live Print Times: 11am-12pm, 1pm-2pm, 3pm-4pm, 5pm-6pm
Works on Paper Table: Artist designed posters
Artist: Maya Filmederis


Camila Rosa is a freelance illustrator and designer from Brazil. She started her life as an artist in 2010 with a female street art collective and since then her work can be found on the streets, in exhibitions, magazines, books and several other media. Camila's work translates women from an alternative perspective: Latin-American, brave, powerful, and not fitted to mainstream beauty standards. She believes it's important that her work can be used to support and educate girls and women around the world.


Haiku Guys & Gals are stylish poets who perform at parties.  Guests give them topics and receive a personalized Free Haiku.  It's like a photo booth for your soul.

We discovered that writing Free Haiku for people brings them joy.  Turns out, most folks are generally willing to share a small fact about themselves and wait 30-90 seconds for a complete stranger to capture the moment with a haiku.  Upon receipt, they laugh, cry, hug us, tell their friends to come over, tattoo their haiku on their bodies (yes, we have like six so far), frame it, put it on their wall/mirror/fridge/bedstand, and the list goes on.


Maman (mother in french) is a café, restaurant and event space with locations across manhattan, brooklyn & toronto. maman brings to life childhood favorites, both savory and sweet, from the south of france and north america.


ArTech Collective provides opportunities for artists with disabilities to develop and express themselves through inclusive, innovative and accessible approaches to traditional and new media.  

"Portraits" showcases diverse styles of portraiture by artists from ArTech Collective, from classic style to reinterpretations of famous works, moving from mute color variations to vibrant anime renditions. 


Brooklyn based Rosa 'Bluestone Babe' Perr returns to The Other Art Fair Brooklyn this November tattooing her beautiful and unique designs onto visitors on a first come, first serve basis. 

Rosa Bluestone Perr is a Brooklyn based New York state licensed tattoo artist born and bred in NYC. All tattoos are handpoked and one of a kind. Rosa is a New York City native raised by artists, teachers, and activists. Bluestone, Rosa’s mother’s last name, is an ode to her maternal family and the feminism her mother instilled in her from a young age. Rosa loves sharing the intimate tattoo experience with clients, in particular the joy and confidence new ink can bring. Rosa has been painting since she was a tot, and the transition from paintbrush to a needle in recent years felt natural. She has fallen in love with the art of handpoke tattoos and evokes a less-is-more aesthetic. When not tattooing, you can find Rosa at or dreaming about the beach.  


The Others Live program presents a variety of DJ sets and music performances to kick off the weekend. Full DJ schedule to be announced!


The Sketchbook Project returns again to The Other Art Fair Brooklyn. The team will be bringing their Bookmobile down to the Brooklyn Expo Center for all to enjoy and explore the hundreds of creative sketchbooks they have collected from all over the world. 

Since 2006, The Sketchbook Project has been a platform for creative people to share their story. With over 2 million spreads of artwork, The Sketchbook Project has connected thousands of artists around the world and is a resource of global creativity.


Experience The Other Art Fair through a curator's eyes. Saatchi Art’s expert curators present free daily guided tours of The Fair that highlight artists with distinct styles, provide art historical context, and spotlight potential investment opportunities.

Head to the Saatchi Art stand for a free tour.

To book a private tour email Niamh,


Younger visitors can unleash their artistic flair and participate in creative art activities and crafty challenges suitable for all ages.